Diamond DA40-180

For sale

Propellfly AS has ordered a new Diamond DA42-VI for delivery late 2021. We are therefore looking to sell our Diamond DA40-180 with registration D-ERDS.

The airplane is located at Oslo airport, Gardermoen and will be ready for delivery to a new owner immediately.

For more information, please contact Mr. Bjørnar Øverland: (+47) 959 60 946 - Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

  • Asking price

    EUR 169 000 excl. VAT
  • Model

    Diamond DA40-180
  • Production year

  • Engine

    Lycoming IO-360-M1A, serial no. L-31889-51A
  • Propeller

    Hartzell, 2-blade, constant speed
  • Fuel types

    100 LL / 91 UL
  • Total time engine and airframe

    2502 hours (on condition)
  • Empty weight / max. takeoff weight

    800 kg / 1150 kg *
  • Approved operations

    VFR / VFR night / IFR
  • Avionics

    Garmin G1000 with DME. Non-WAAS. Analog backup instruments

  • Autopilot

  • Other equipment

    2 x USB ports, Tannis pre-heater, wing/canopy/tail covers
  • ARC valid until

    November 17 2021

  • Ready for delivery


* Service bulletin OSB40-057 (to qualify the aircraft for MTOM 1200 kg) was carried out in 2014. However, the noise certificate is not updated to satisfaction as there is no valid EASA record with the installed Hartzell propeller. As such the buyer should consider the aircraft only approved for MTOM 1150 kg. More information about this can be provided upon request.

About the airplane

Excellent aircraft for travel, approved for both VFR, VFR night and IFR. With full tanks you have about 5.5 hours endurance. The aircraft has always been hangar stored, and has been flown by a small group of pilots, mainly for travel.


The aircraft is flown on condition (engine and propeller), and is very well maintained with proper maintenance records. Excellent sylinder compression data (78/78/70/70). As part of the maintenance program, borescope inspections have been performed as part of each annual service, and oil samples are sent to Blackstone Laboratories after each oil change.


- New Plane Power alternator installed 2020 (model AL24-70 with improved idle-run voltage performance)
- New alternator belt installed 2020
- New starter installed 2020
- New starter ring installed 2020
- Tanis engine pre-heater installed 2020
- Gamijectors installed for reduced fuel consumption and lean-of-peak (LOP) operation
- 2,000 hrs major structural inspection (MSI) performed in 2017 at 1,930 hrs
- Aft main spar modification DAI MSB 40-074 performed (hence eligible for an increased MSI threshold of 6 000 flight hours since first flight of the aeroplane and increased MSI intervals not to exceed 4 000 flight hours thereafter)
- Improved nose-landing gear leg installed (removes 200 hrs / annual requirement for dye penetrant inspection)
- Stainless steel rudder cables installed (removes 5-year exchange cycle for non-stainless cables)
- Improved electric fuel pump (Weldon 18002-B) installed at 1,500 hrs
- Whelen wingtip LED lights installed
- Mid-continent USB charging ports installed
- Serviced by EASA Part-145 organisations in Germany and Norway
- Engine on-condition operation – monitored through regular oil analysis (Blackstone Labs.) and borescope inspections (Lycoming SB388C performed in 2020)
- Complete exhaust system overhauled by Gomolzig
- Garmin electrim trim switch

Payment terms

30% non-refundable on signing. The remaining amount must been paid in full at least three working days before delivery.

We do not take responsibility for any typos in the ad.

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